The ‘lack of motivation’ issue

There are two ways of being in shape: Working the Body and the Mind.

There isn’t one without other despite what most people might think. There’s no action without a mind’s thought or impulse, even if just for millesimal seconds. There’s no way to start practising without having the focus and mindset to start doing it; And if you think, ‘Lack of motivation’ is what we most complain about for not taking action. It’s all in our minds. And that’s why exercising our bodies also works as a mind shaper. Why?

– First, you have to be motivated to start.

– Second, you must keep the rhythm if you want to see results and keep going.

Summing up: Mental ‘fitness’ is the key for self-efficacy.

About Resilience Each of us has a story in which resilience plays an important role. So, today I will share with you my story and tell you how I got over it.

I was 25 years old when I had a motorbike accident. I was in the middle of my master’s degree in Physical education sports science and all of a sudden, my world crashed when I knew I had serious damages on my spine that aren’t easily or quickly healed. I knew I had to do my practical exams to finish my studies, and at the same time, I was facing the fact that I had to learn how to walk again. The pressure was high.

In one hand I had a dream, and on the other hand, I had my health, and I wanted to give up on none of them. That was when RESILIENCE entered in my life. I knew I wanted to finish my degree, so I started doing rehab, strengthening my muscles and against all the expectations I recovered and passed my exams.

I won’t lie it was painful; It took time. But I always had this thought in my head saying that every day is a new opportunity to start again. That every day we have a chance to do whatever you want to and to be whoever you want to be. So, I grabbed that thought, and I gave myself a second chance. It was lifechanging.

Today I want to show you that it is possible. I want to help you through all these difficulties. So, I’m sharing this story with you to assist you in developing your own resilience. Because if I kept focus and never gave up on me, you shouldn’t give up on you either! No matter how hard it looks and how difficult it will be. The only thing stopping you is you. Searching for a fitness formula?

It’s a fact that we all have our own struggles and busy lives, I get it. But that should be no excuse for not taking care of our health, because at the end of the day, our body is our home.

There is no single fitness formula because everyone has different needs and ways to motivate themselves, but there is something I can advise for you to get started: Redefine yourself.

Take a second to analyze your excuses. Why did you skip your workout yesterday? Are you doing your best? How can you improve? Once you have answered these questions, begin redefining your needs. Do you need to get more organized? Should you start doing outdoor training? Would it be better with the help of a personal trainer? Redefine your goals. Create your formula!

Because everyone has hard times, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to drown in them or get up today and do your best! Motivate yourself. Dedicate yourself. This is going to boost your results, both physically and mentally.

There’s no point in being there, wondering what you could have achieved if you had started last week or a few months ago. The time is TODAY. The time is NOW.

Are you ready?